Memento Mori, The Old North Burying Ground

Old North Burying Ground, Ipswich MA

memento moriInterments at the Old North Burying Ground

In 1935, the Ipswich Historical Society published this comprehensive study of the Old North Burying Ground.

Read online: Memento Mori: Part the First being an Accurate Transcription of the Tomb-Stones, Monuments, Foot-Stones and Other Memorials in the Ancient Old North Burial Yard in the Town of Ipswich, Count of Essex, Massachusetts, From its beginnings in the Year 1634 to the Present Day (1935), With a Chart of the Location of the Same that any Grave Therein May be Located with Ease and Accuracy, Together with a History and Description of this Ancient Burial Yard.

Each inscription in this book is preceded by a letter and a number. The letter refers to the section of the cemetery in which is located the inscription, and the number to the particular stone. To find a stone by means of this key, it is necessary to use the diagrams published in this book.

Abbreviations: (F.S.)— foot stone. (M.M.) — maker’s mark.

  1. A – Appleton  (pages 14-19)
  2.  (pages 20-36)
  3.  (pages 37-53)
  4.   (pages 54 – 70)
  5.  (pages 71 – 88)
  6.  (pages 89 – 105)
  7.  (pages 106 – 122)
  8. How – Kinsman (pages 123-139)
  9. Kinsman – Lord  (pages 140-155)
  10.  (pages 156-172)
  11.  (pages 173-189)
  12.  (pages 190-206)
  13.  (pages 207-223)
  14.  (pages 224-240)
  15.  (pages 241-253)

Tombstones can be found by using the location notes before each name in the book.

Click on the reference map thumbnails for full size maps


Key Chart  Download PDF


Areas A and B Download PDF


Areas C and D Download PDF


Areas F – G Download PDF

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3 thoughts on “Memento Mori, The Old North Burying Ground

  1. Try looking under the spelling “Severans.” I’m in the same family tree and this baffled me for a while until I stumbled upon the name somewhere and thought, “Hmmmm…I wonder…”Sure enough, that’s the way John and Abigail spelled it.

    Happy hunting!


  2. I am looking for the burial site of Mary Langley Severance. She was the mother of John Severance married to Abigail Kimball. Please let me know if you have any information.
    Thank you,

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