Ipswich Cemeteries

The Old North Burying Ground in Ipswich MA

Old North Burying Ground (view)

Highland Cemetery at Findagrave

The Old South Burying Ground (view) 

Leslie Road Burying Ground (view)

Old  Linebrook Cemetery (view)

 New Linebrook Cemetery (view)

Sisters of Notre Dame Cemetery, 30 Jeffreys Neck Rd.,  at Findagrave

Immigrant’s Highland Annex Cemetery (view)

Nourse Family Cemetery at Findagrave

Chebacco Parish Old Burial Yard, Essex (view)

Locust Grove Cemetery, 1 Locust St., at Findagrave

Ipswich gravestones at the Farber Gravestone collection

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Old North Burying Ground, Ipswich MA

Memento Mori, The Old North Burying Ground

Alphabetical listing of graves at the Old North Burying Ground Index by map location Visit the Memento Mori site. Search the Ipswich Old North Burying Ground Search interments in the Old North Burying Ground at Findagrave In 1935, the Ipswich Historical Society published this comprehensive study of the Old North Burying Ground. Memento Mori: Part the First […]

Old South Cemetery, Ipswich MA

Old South Cemetery

The Old South Cemetery was used from 1756 till 1939. It sits between the South Green and the Ipswich River and is an easy walk from downtown. A walking trail extends down the slope to the River and continues downstream to Sally's Pond near the Whipple House. It has approximately 1000 interments, and is a beautiful area […]

Leslie Road Burial Ground

Leslie Road Burial Ground

Return to the Ipswich Cemeteries page The following study and information is provided by Bruce Laing: In Memento Mori, authors Johnson and Elbridge were ambitious, thorough, and accurate. There were indeed three Burial Grounds in the Linebrook Parish, even though only two were commonly known by town historians, and only two were seen by Parish […]

Old Linebrook cemetery

Old Linebrook Cemetery

Return to the Ipswich Cemeteries page The Old Linebrook Cemetery is at the corner of Linebook and Newbury Road about 6 miles west of Ipswich center where the road fork. Parking is very limited.  The 275 stones are quite old and many have been severely eroded. The cemetery is surrounded by light woods in the […]

New Linebrook Cemetery, Ipswich MA

New Linebrook Cemetery

Description of the New Linebrook Cemetery and the comprehensive listing, provided by Bruce Laing, 2006   Download as PDF View gravestones at the New Linebrook Cemetery (FindaGrave) This cemetery is about 100’ wide by 275’ deep. There is an antique house just to the east, and a modern house just to the west. Behind the cemetery to […]

Ipswich Highland Immigrants Cemeterry

Immigrants Highland Annex Cemetery

The Highland Annex Cemetery, better known as the Immigrants, Greek or Polish Cemetery, is located on Fowlers Lane in Ipswich. Take Town Farm Road just past the Locust Grove Cemetery, which will be on your immediate left, and turn right in about 1/4 mile on Fowler’s Lane. The small cemetery is a short distance straight ahead. From there the road […]

Essex MA Old Graveyard 1680

Chebacco Parish Old Graveyard

The Old Burying Ground in Essex was established in 1680 for inhabitants of Chebacco Parish, the former part of Ipswich which is now Essex. The inhabitants of the part of Ipswich known as Chebacco (now Essex) built a meetinghouse in 1674 and established their own parish in 1679, after encountering considerable resistance from the mother […]